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    Night Owl

    This is it, my epic film created for art class. Actually, the epic part was the process of making it; I’m posting this at 2:30 AM, local time; the deadline is in 8 hours or so. In this film, I placed particular emphasis on cinematography, something I think is really important but that has been lacking in my previous films.

    H.264, 320×180

    H.264, 640×360



    Nice! the picture quality was great and so was the sound! There was a nice mixture of camera angles which worked perfectly together. The emphasise on cinematography was certainly present! Good effort 🙂



    Very cool. The animation was great, especially the slide around the corner. Sets were very effective too. I especially loved the last shot. It really tied everything together.

    Now go make Hastings. :wink



    Ditto that of all that has been said. The only negative thing, well really nothing bad about it, is that the black screen is hanging around at the end too long.



    That was quite lovely.

    The animation was very good, I particularly liked the skid when he stopped at the wall. Cinematography was well done, several well-chosen camera placements and shots. Nice sets and very fitting music. The black at the end lasted for too long, though.



    Great little short, and I agree with what Mindgame said the black piece lasted a bit long, trying to fill time? 😛

    Good work!




    [spoiler]Pretty good. The colors seemed a little bland. Was that intentional? Also, the whole thing seemed to end rather abruptly. What is going to happen to the ninja? I thought it might end a bit like Cognizance, but it just sort of stopped. Still, some nice shots; I especially liked the part where the camera zoomed in really fast on the ninja and his sword. I probably wouldn’t be able to achieve something quite so “daring.” The music when the guy was running down the street seemed a little too dull to go along with what was happening in the scene. But I’m just being nitpicky. Good animation and such throughout, although there was some questionable movement with the walk cycle at the very beginning.[/spoiler]


    Matt Gillan

    Very nice short. There were some very nice shots and there were some that were a bit basic. The close ups were probably the best shots. Animation was alright most of the time but it was a bit shaky at points. I really like the lighting in this film aswell as the sets. They both set up a great atmosphere! Good short Nightowl.

    Go make Hastings! :wink



    I agree the best aspects of this film were the close up shots. A nice enjoyable shot if a little random.

    Now you can start Hastings 😀



    Night Owl

    Thanks for all the comments. I’m glad the cinematography paid off. The colors were intentionally toned down a bit in order for the light/dark contrast to be more evident. I agree that some of the animation was shaky; walk and run cycles are something I really need to work on.
    Now, on to Hastings. 🙂

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