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    Oh, I see. Thanks TwoGuys!



    Btw, not all softwares have color correction. If you’re on a windows, a good editing software to get is Sony Movie Studio. It’s cheaper than Sony Vegas Pro, and does almost everything pro does, including color correction.
    WMM does not have color correction. At least, not the one you’re talking about. I’m not sure, but I think virtual dub does.
    If you’re on a Mac, (I don’t know much about apple,) I’m pretty sure that Imovie has a color correction feature. If it doesn’t, then I’m not sure what I would do there.
    Another thing to remember about nighttime lighting is you can always use your computer monitor as an artificial source of light. It is usually nearby my set, and if I turn it on it gives a surprisingly nighttime-ish glow, if that is the right word to use.
    Hope this helps!



    You can also color correct the images image-by-image in a photo editor. iMovie does not have a good color correction but iPhoto does, or if you like adobe, photoshop does too.



    You can also color-correct in adobe after effects. IMO Adobe after effects has good color-correcting software. I haven’t messed with colors for night scenes but blues and purples sound like the best. I’m lucky i animate in my basement it has one window across the room with curtains so it doesn’t affect my lighting.

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)

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