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    The Law

    If you wish to report an offense, as defined by the rules here, please send a Private Message to:

    The Doctor

    This moderator has volunteered to visit the forums regularly and will work to respond to Private Messages in a prompt manner.


    Introduction is a site devoted to the art of brickfilming; the animation of plastic bricks as the principle element of a film. We are open to people of all ages and cultures, and so we want to ensure that people of all ages and cultures feel welcomed. Thus all members must keep in mind that we are likely to have children reading the forums. And so we ask that all members read and remember the following:

    Page 2: Forum Rules
    Page 3: Suggestions Concerning Conduct
    Page 4: The Moderating Team and You
    Page 5: Queries Often Posed


    The Law

    The Suggestions

    The following lists conduct that, if violated, may not result in direct punishment, but if upheld will make the community a better place to visit and allow you a bit more leniency with the Moderating Team.

    1. Act courteously to new members – If a new member (a newbie, as sometimes called) posts a question, please follow the motto of, “say something nice or say nothing at all.” Less-than-helpful posts may not be deleted, but will reflect poorly on you. Of course, attacking a newbie violates Rule 2 above and will result in action.

    2. Do not type messages in ALL CAPS – This applies to both thread titles and posts. Using CAPS to highlight a word or two is a perfectly acceptable tactic of conveying a point, but entire messages in CAPS is an eyesore. The Moderating Team will likely edit your post to remove CAPS. Do not question them.

    3. Communications between persons should remain in Private Message or e-Mail – Some of the forums are extremely busy, and the last thing we need is an entire thread for LegoDude2 to tell BrickMania5 that he’s almost done with his voice work. If you’re only trying to talk with one member, and you don’t think the discussion would be of interest to others, please PM or e-Mail the person.

    4. Remain on-topic – Please remember what you’re posting and where. The discussion of a thread will evolve naturally, but please do not jump in a thread about creating a dolly and start talking about creamed corn (unless, somehow, creamed corn is part of your dolly design).

    5. Advertising / Hyping your film – We all look forward to new brickfilms, but that is no reason to go around posting about your film in every thread that catches your eye. This will not only hurt others’ opinion of you, but is likely to hurt the reception of your film.


    The Law

    Queries Often Posed

    The following are answers to some queries often posed by members.

    Q: A Moderator locked my thread/deleted my post; can I complain?
    A: If you are angered by a Moderator’s action, we are willing to hear your case. However, we will only take you seriously if you can prove that the Moderator did not act due to a violation of the above rules. Complaining when it is obvious that you are in the wrong will only hurt your reputation with the Moderating Team. But if you think your post is innocent, we are open to your argument.

    Q: Can I change my username if I don’t like it any more?
    A: Though we’re not fans of members changing their names, we are open to the prospect. You can submit name change requests by sending a Private Message to the user ‘Name Change’. This account will be checked every Friday. Note that we might deny your request. If you simply want a letter or word taken out (the Studios from Manllama Studios, for instance), we are likely to oblige; if you want a completely new name (from Manllama to BillyBee, for instance), we require a convincing explanation. We also ask that you place a notice in your Signature so that people know that you used to post under your former alias. Once your name has been changed, you must wait three months before submitting another request.

    Basically, think of a name you like and stick with it.

    Q: Can I become a Moderator?
    A: No.

    Q: These rules suck.
    A: That’s not a question. But if you mean to say that you believe these rules are unfair, unclear, or missing something vital, feel free to voice your opinion here. Please be serious and levelheaded. Erroneous comments made in this feedback thread will be deleted, to ensure that all legitimate claims are easily seen and addressed.

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