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    I’m currently into this kind of thing and I could have some tips to go along like what FPS is best to use and I currently use my iPod Touch’s Back cam (5MP) and use Pro Cam 2 under the 16:9 setting until I could get a Decent Camera, what I could do to make brickfilms look good without ruining it. I also don’t have a good place to start making it and animals could get the way and ruin it altogether. Whata are some advice I could take to get started?


    Onecras Films

    Hello! I’ll try to give you as many basic tips as possible that helped me when I started.
    1. Use a tripod or some way to mount your camera
    2. You can use headphones with a mic to act as a shutter to capture your images
    3. Try to make a setting for your film, most people use Lego base plates. If you do have a base plate tape it down to a desk or table where animals can not reach.
    4. Make your camera setting manual so that they do not automatically adjust to light causing light flicker
    5. Since you are starting, I would recommend 10-12 fps
    6. There is an app for ios called Stop Motion Studio that can compose your film for you. This app is free and has an onion skinning feature which is very helpful

    I’m sure there are many other tips I could try to give you but I think these are some basics to start off with. If you need some more tips on specific details let me know!



    1. I do have Joby Microstand which as a stand that grips the ipod touch and I can mount that on any tripod with ease

    2. procam as sound snap I could use but I could try something and create a simple bluetooth remote if I could

    3. don’t have any yet I’ll buy some later on when I have time

    4. don’t think the main camera on iPod Touch has that but procam might have a setting like that XD

    5. okay would be hard but I’ll try 12- 15 to see what’s best, did a test stop motion of my ecto-1 in many FPS tests and I found 15 FPS is smooth on how I did it

    6. I’ve got the app and I could use this for short films and pro cam as the mega stop motion films and do the imovie way which I find it more easier to compose stop motion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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