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    Filmed in the 5 hours prior to the deadline (the other film grew beyond the scope of this comp it will be released when it is done… a new concept for me) I present a silly little film I really enjoyed making:

    SPEED DEMON! 640×480 realvideo 2.8mb 0:52

    http://www.thehowlingfantods.com/brickt … tastic.htm (just scroll down the front page for the link)





    For a “last minute (5 hours) panic film” it was superb…. infact under any standards, it was great.
    Fun, exciting and the animation was teriffic.

    ****** spoilers ****

    while not alot of story, it was still something of an adventure, and the animation, particularly of the semi truck was fantastic, surprisingly liquid and natural given the limitations of size.
    and I loved the arcade… guess why 😉


    Very enjoyable.
    very nice work hali… it’s nice to see you make a film that doesn’t try to turn my brain insideout 😉



    Maybe not an exhilariting adventure, but a fun little film. Really great for only 5 hours of work, especially while sick.


    The camera movement was very well done, considering it moved for about 40 seconds. The animations of the cars were all excellent. The voice of the character wasn’t that good, but again, you were sick, so I guess it’s understandable.

    Great work, and I can’t wait to see the big one!





    Nice work there. like comet and nate said it was a good film for 5 hours.

    The cam movment was real smooth.




    Hey hali, I’m not very good at navigating, can you give me a direct link? 🙂



    No. If you can’t scroll down a page that I’ve linked directly to you don’t deserve one!

    Methinks you need to learn how to use the world wide web. 😆



    That’s weird, I can’t see it. Fiddling around with the file name, I finally got it.

    Short Review:

    Hehehe, that film was pretty cute. Not your best, but still fun.



    Yeah, hm, it was pretty fun to watch, I first wondered why you used only bricks but in the end it cleared up and in some way it reminded me of another short :wink




    * spoilers*

    I’d have put Ned Kelly in a different place (he’d have looked great as a building; now you’re only using him as a wall).

    I first wondered why you used only bricks but in the end it cleared up and in some way it reminded me of another short

    This film shows that we should not confine ourselves too much to the minifig scale. There’s so much more! The comment quoted by Kluf is an example of this narrow-mindedness. I think the way you made us believe we were watching a highway chase was excellent – incredible achievement in only 5 hours!

    Two minor points: the flashing of the lights on top of the police car wasn’t very clear when the car was on the move. perhaps you should have held the position for a few frames – which is what seems to happen later on. Also the voices at the end were not recorded very well – I had a hard time figuring out what they were saying.

    * end spoilers *




    That was rad, Hali, not what I was expecting, but still very nice.

    Can’t wait to see that other one soon. 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 26 total)

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