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    Here’s my entry to the Heroes and Villains competition:
    http://www.nosniborus.brickfilms.com/mo … ein_web.rm

    21.0 MB, 9:07 minutes long

    Let me know what you think, and what I can improve!




    Nos, that was incredible; much better than our joint entry. The lighting, cinematography, voices and animation were all great. I love the shot you have posted above, with the shadows moving as the sun sets. Also, the music was great. I didn’t realize you could make it that good without going all techno.

    [spoiler]If I have one complaint, it’s this, and it’s small. When Frankenstein’s Monster comes up, the music sounds a little over the top, so it’s not as serious as it could be.

    This was the creepiest Lego film I’ve ever seen. When Frankenstein kills that man in the alley, I shuddered. I also loved the camera work when the machine is turned on at the end.[/spoiler]

    This was one of the best brickfilms I’ve seen, and is definately a contender to win. Congrats, Nos. 🙂




    This is one of the few entries that I really enjoyed. I didn’t enjoy my own.
    The lighting, the cinematography [lighting being part of cinematography, I separated them to emphasise the lighting.], and the animation were all practically perfect.

    I’m curious about why I think I saw a monkey on the table, but oh well…



    one word……Amazing 😯
    That was of the coolest films i have ever seen.

    Grate job!

    -Brick Man



    That was… disturbing. The whole theme was rather evil and dark, and the blood made it worse. The animation and sound were very good, but that doesn’t do a great deal for an evil film.



    This is one of the BEST brickfilms that I’ve seen! Mechanco is right, this has a very dark and disturbing quality that you captured well. That feel is what sets this movie apart from most of the others.
    And Mechanco, just becasue a film has a dark overtone doesnt mean its evil. If anything I think this film showed what can happen when people mess with things that should be messed with.
    This one is in my top 5.



    You’ve done it again, Nosniborus. That was amazing. That goes on my top ten best brickfilms list. This was the only Brickfilm that actually creeped me out a bit. The first time it said “freeee meeeee,” I was sucked in. Your animation and effects were mind-blowing. The fog ont he window as well as the non-overdone blood added to the pure genious of this film. I worship the ground you walk on.




    “kor” wrote: And Mechanco, just becasue a film has a dark overtone doesnt mean its evil.

    It’s not just the dark overtone, it’s the “freeeee meeeeeee”, the stalker with a knife flying into the guy’s back, and the ending that make this film evil.

    “kor” wrote: If anything I think this film showed what can happen when people mess with things that should be messed with.
    This one is in my top 5.




    I’m speechless, Nos. Absolutely speechless. That’s the only brickfilm that actually put chills in me. I was gripped through the entire movie.



    This was one top-notch film. The cinematography was outstanding, and the use of color to supplement the mood was very well done. I enjoyed the sound in particular, though. Throughout the film there was a contrast of silence and sudden, jarring sounds. This added to the creepiness of the overall film, and kept you on edge.

    I was extremely impressed with the little touches in animation here. There were some moments where people’s thoughts are expressed simply with slight movements in their hands. Not only is this an effective way of gesturing, but it was performed to perfection. The movements, though slight, are as smooth as can be. I’m very impressed/jealous.

    This was just one great film. Definitely one of the best we’ve seen in this site’s history. Not only are the technical aspects amazingly well done, but you succeeded in accomplishing what is one of the most difficult things to do with lego – you gave it feeling, and emotion. I’d clap, but you can’t hear me.

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