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    I have some star wars minifigs, and I haven’t played with them for a few weeks. For some reason, the head don’t rotate. I’ve tried biting them, putting piece on top and turning, nothing works.

    Any suggestion about how to loosen the head?



    Get a C-Clamp to grasp the torso. Put the rubber thing around the head. Apply an adjustable wrench; tighten around the head and ROTATE!


    James Brandon

    You can crush down the sucker on the torso to make it in shape inside loosely to provide you room to move around.



    I find that using one’s teeth is a bad suggestion. It leaves marks on top of the head. Stick the head on the fig and it’s fixed on really solid. Just give it a actually good tug.



    I used brush able superglue to place a thin layer on the back of the neck. Afterwards let it completely dry, as well as it grips the head fine. Finally it will wear off. It’s cheaper than nail polish and very hard to see.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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