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    Very well done technical wise. Calling it the best brickfilm ever (do we hear that every month?) is a bit of a stretch, but it was still very well done. I can’t wait to see what you cook up(heh, a pun) next.




    Wow, that was just about on the same level as Spite Your Face. Mainly because of the camera movements, and lighting. Did you use a “real” studio? How much did it cost to make the film? Did you use a robot arm to move the camera?

    I’m impressed!




    That was AMAZING! Nice effects etc.. although I think alot of it was done in photoshop or something of the likes? Also quite a funny plot. Great Job!



    Dang, can’t get the film to load.
    The screenshot looks good though.
    Welcome aboard the Brickfilms team, Mr. Anzai! 🙂



    Hello and welcome to Brickfilms!

    That indeed was a very impressive film.

    I would say it’s a film that goes past the fact that it’s a brickfilm: when you watch it, you forget that you are watching a lego movie. All the hard work put into making it is secondary. The mood, the story, the character of the movie is what comes out. That’s a great achievement!

    I could comment on how well the music was integrated (was it one whole continuous track?), how it and the lighting played beautifully into setting the mood and atmosphere. I could comment how well you told the story. I could comment on how the visuals of the movie were amazing. I could comment on how good the animation was. I could comment on your use of camera angles and pans.

    But it’s the sum of all the excellent technical parts that make you forget about the excellent technical parts! 🙂

    So great job! An enjoyable little clip.



    That was AWESOME!!! I could only dream of ever making a film of that quality. Everything just went together so well. As Errol said, everything is done so well you just don’t think about it as a lego movie, it’s like your watching real live motion, it was just incredible.

    Im really looking forward to your seqal. I second, that i reckon the person in red is his wife (or mum) who is coming down for their breakfast.

    Oh yeah and welcome to Brickfilms!


    Fumitaka Anzai

    Hi, All!

    Thank you for looking movie.
    First I have to say “Sorry” about my poor English.
    I believed automatic translation machine in my school day.
    So, I didn’t learn English well… It’s my mistake!!!

    I’m working hardly for “Dr.Jobs” movie part-2. Part-1 is only
    introduce sequence of Dr.Jobs. But part-2 will become slapstick comedy.

    The movie became nominee at some film festivals (recently become nominee at French film fest),
    and I’m planning to complete Story #1 and #4 for next year’s film festivals.

    Maybe Story #1 will complete next March and #4 will complete next
    May… It’s long way…

    I’m using LED’s for light up bricks. I made LED’s light controller(below photo).

    Sound (especially music) creation is my occupation!(please read my hp’s profile).
    Main Sound Effects are taken from professional Sound Effects Library, such as
    Sound Idea series or Hannna-Barbera sound effects library. For example, magic hand’s
    moving sound is originally very low motor sound. I sampled it, and rise up the pitch with
    pitch harmonizer, then cut low frequency with EQ. And I made original machine sound with
    old analog synthesizers.

    I composed music for movie with timing calculation. As you know movie is 30fps. And music
    timing can calculate with BPM(beat per minute) value. I wrote rough melody, then arranged it with
    timing calculation. I wrote full orchestra score, and play it by samplers (e.g. GigaStudio).

    Yes, I will recreate the scientist walking scene. I mistook frame timing calculation!

    I live in Yokohama. And my friend live in Zushi! He is professional photographer and sometimes I ask him
    about Brick Film’s equipments. Because I’m a novice about film equipments…

    I made “Dr.Jobs” at corner of my “Music” studio (not photo or movie studio). It’s really small space (around
    1.5m x 2.5m). I’m planing to move grand piano (now it sets up center of my studio) to corner and make more space for shot.

    I spent small amount of money for this project. Camera is Nikon digital still, Computer is iMac G4, Software is
    iStopmotion, After Effects(It’s expensive!), Photo shop and Final Cut Express. I don’t use robot arm camera (I want to buy, if it’s
    available!), camera tripod stand is $50 – $100…

    Yes, I’m using photoshop elements version. I mainly use After Effects for movie.

    Thank you!
    Fumitaka Anzai



    Hello, and thanks for sharing this wonderful film with us. I think the people above have already indicated what makes this film great.

    LED lights are quite underestimated by us brickfilmers. They are small, come in many colours and intensities, and are therefore ideal for our filmmaking needs. I’m not much of a solderer myself, but on my “To Do” list, apart from recreating and improving Fll Freak’s dolly unit, is also buying a set of LEDs and resistors to help with the lighting of my films. I encourage others to experiment with them, and especially with the relatively new ultra-bright LEDs. Can they be used as “stage lights”?




    Konnichiwa, hajimemashite (I hope I got that right, my sister’s trying to give me a hand) and welcome to Brickfilms.

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful film with us. 😀 Can we expect a follow up at some time in the future? I’d very much like to watch it.

    I think your english is very good actually, it’s better than what I can do in Japanese. I can’t even string a full sentence together.



    How do you watch this? All I see is a button that says, “Download Windows Flash Player!”

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