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    Yes, you’ll need flash to get on the website.

    Great little film! Go on like this!



    That was one of the nicest brickfilms that I’ve seen! Very well done!!



    sorry to be this rude, but is it necessary to hide the film behind all those flash / quicktime stuff. I mean you let everyone watch it, why not let people save it to the individual harddrives. I mean, I pay my webaccess by volume so I really would like to save this brickfilm marvel, in case I would like to watch it again or show it to my wive instead of downloading it everytime from a very slow server :evil




    I do have to agree with this. The film played so slow for me that it stopped more than a dozen times while I was trying to watch it. I would like to see it without those interuptions.



    Yep, the whole site was some sort of Flash thing, and it makes fake loadings (wasting time) just to look cooler and movies in that Flash window (needs Quicktime stuff) are very annoying, and simply don’t show up sometimes…
    I’ll be happy if I could download that video to my harddrive. Please if you can, make it avalaible.




    Here’s a direct link to the quicktime file (I’ll remove the link if you don’t approve Fumitaka):




    fumitaka you did any excelent job with the animation!
    That was probbally the best camera quality and the smothest animation I’ve ever seen!
    I have to admit though that the animation was a little to slow for my likens..but if you fixed that I would be first in line for the sequal! keep it going!

    (this guy has a major “it” factor)




    that’s the 1 of the best brickfilms I have ever seen. you did a great job


    Fumitaka Anzai


    Sorry could not reply…

    I catch cold from last week. 😳

    I’ll return soon, wait a moment please.

    Fumitaka Anzai/Anz!



    Just a friendly reminder that this topic is for reviewing Fumitaka Anzai’s film.
    Please, let’s give him and his film the proper respect it deserves.

    I deleted Foot’s & Lego Guy’s posts because they were not comments about the film. I only wanted to avoid confusion.
    My apologies if I did the wrong thing.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 74 total)

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