How do I fix loose joints?

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    I cannot find a way of stiffening up the joints (I’ve used tac but they don’t do much at all and puts on a bit of colour). How would you fix loose joints?



    When it comes to extremely loose articulation joints on minifigs, sometimes a layer of glue on the ball joint is able to fix this. I highly suggest that you use/find a type of glue that will not alter the plastic too drastically.


    James Brandon

    Bionicle animators tend to do that, or use strings, to get a full range of motion without having to be worried regarding balancing the whole thing.



    For loose arm joints. Put a little clear nail polish or paint on the part that connects hooked on the torso. Not too much, though, or the torso will crack. Your torsos will stay intact. It actually worked pretty well.



    Don’t make use of ordinary superglue on plastic. It will make the plastic brittle and increase the chance of breakage. Use plastic or model cement.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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