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    I’m planning to make a video for a school project but I don’t know how to do the slow-motion bullet evade… anyone who knows how to do it? Thanks!


    If you got a toy trainset, you could try to use it as a trolly while spinning around the model if you want to do to that.

    To do the slow motion simply dobble or tripple the ammount of frames you would usually use.

    as for the gun ripples/tracers if you use actual something for the bullest you could have them attached to metal wire, the mnetal wire holds the bullet in place, and perhaps it also could be the trace? At least act as a guide for the trace.

    If you need to plan where bullets go from point a to b, perhaps you use sting like on CSI.


    (also bribe the teacher)



    Thanks Morten 😀 How is your sequel coming along?


    Onecras Films

    I’ve never done this before but it seems like a cool idea. I would agree that you should definitely increase the fps if you want it to be in slow motion. For the bullet effect, if you don’t know how to use any motion tracking programs you might be able to use some stock footage and mask it into your clip.
    Hope this helps!



    Also, you could build a full set, but be able to tear it apart easily, and spin the set on a lego spinny piece. Then when part of a wall comes in view, you tear that part out.


    (anna c: its on ice. Im prepping for a live action role play im going to as a bard. So im making song, learning to play the ukelele and sewing costume. And other prep. Stuff related. I hope to be back on it after.)



    That’s so cool Morten! No wonder you know so much about the stage. Do you act in theatre from time to time? Can you share with us the final output? If that’s okay with you…


    No im not an actor, im just a role player.
    What do you mean, output? Record my songs? They are in norwegian. 😛

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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