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    Hi Guys,
    Anybody have a good experience in sorting your LEGO? I feel I’m sorting a little to specifically and wasting my money on one too many sorting bins.



    I’d suggest sorting by shape of brick rather than color, particularly for things like tiles and plates; e.g. all 2×2 tiles in one plastic bag, 1×4 plates in one more. I do this as well as finding a brick is so much easier for me.



    You can separate your brick sizes even more, into as many categories. Like: Extra small, small, a bit small, medium, above medium, large, very large. Once you’re done move on to another category and repeat until you’ve finished your entire LEGO collection.


    James Brandon

    I recommend are using big containers for construction-type colour sorting. Then I use smaller containers and drawers for small pieces and specific shapes and types.



    I recommend sorting by block type. I do this and finding bricks is so much easier for me. I arrange odd colors by colour though. And then everything else is a pretty good system.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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