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    I am doing a scene where gandalf and frodo is going by cart through some woods while dialoge is happening.
    So the main amount of motion is going to be the bacground.

    I only need to see frodo gandalf and the top part of the cart after all.

    I have two ideas.
    Have the bacground on “rails” they move by and it looks lie the cart is going forward.
    Problem : I dont have tracks and the bases of the tree models are Quite different in style.

    Have the bacground build around a fixed axle, specificly a turntable.
    Problem. keeping track of movent to prevent jerky speed.

    Any comments or other ideas on how to achive this. I dont have much space.



    Hi Morten, will you do the background in Lego? I think Chroma Keying would be a good place to start. Combine a video of the background you want and Gandalf and Frodo moving with a green screen background 🙂


    Its an idea, but I want to do it on eallice and grommit, the aardman animators buildt a rig that moved the buildings in the backgrund in a driving scene. I dont have the pices to build souch a technical rig. Still id like to try something like that. You know?



    Or you could just build a rig for your camera. Here is a link to a video about it.


    I have Decided to Change/drop the scene. After testing I found The trees would become talmoust to out of focus to make out. Most probably because I have my cameara so close to the characters.

    However I will try to tell you how I ended up doing it. Maybe it can be to use later?

    Those Black 3X4 flat you get with the colectable minifigs, I have a “ton” of those. I placed them across the scene and along the line of studs on the top, I added 1X8 flat across them them until I had a long track with slides on each side of the middle rail. I made two of these tracks.

    I added normal studs under the baces of the various treemodels as needed, I had from black trees myrkwood, big ones from Endor, x mas calendars pines and some bushes from my daugthers legos. 😉 They were easy to slide and keep the motion ever going. Moving them one stud per frame. As the trees slid along the track and “fell off” at the end, Then I just placed the back at the begining. Could have done so for ever.

    But like I mentioned, it worked but the result was unwanting.






    I think you did great. What made you think it was lacking Morten?



    Have you tried changing the settings of your camera like for example, set it to macro to make faraway things blurry? I think using a photo editor would help at this phase 🙂



    How is it going?


    Supid mail filther… Spam this reply notification was not. No i havent juped this project yet. It neets to “mature.”

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