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    Anyone have some advice on how to sort minifigure part? I’ve got yellow head sorted by facial hair color, torsos by theme/era/style, and legs by color. Does anyone know an improved way?



    Generally I have a sorted box for yellow head and inside that they are sorted by basic method like female, male hairless, beard, mustache, non-dot eye monster, classic smile and another for non-yellow which cover flesh, monster, robot, particular character, etc.


    James Brandon

    Usually, I sort my heads by the following:

    Facial hair
    Girl faces
    Non-yellow heads
    Trans heads
    Basic Faces (like Bob and simple town faces)

    If there’s one thing I can recommend, is having a large enough container for legs and torsos. They take up a lot more room than heads.



    The only other thing special I do is with capes.

    Capes are very delicate and one would want to keep them in good condition so I keep all of mine in a little container in a stack so they don’t get messed up.



    I have no idea honestly.
    I use large containers for minifig parts and accessories. They are trouble-free to move about wherever and to reorganize as needed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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