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    Night Owl

    Here it is. My entry into IDEA, Night of the Tater. The whole idea for carnivorous taters came to me when one of my classmates made an English mistake, saying “Many potatoes eat the Irish” instead of “The Irish eat many potatoes”. I toyed around with the concept for quite some time before the contest came along, at which I realized I had a great excuse for carnivorous taters in a film. I storyboarded it quickly, animated late into the night for around two weeks, and managed to finish leisurely, no doubt thanks to richardfrost pushing the deadline back one month. So without further ado…

    QuickTime H.264 – 13.5 MB

    EDIT: YouTube

    [spoiler]I hope that nobody was disappointed by the relatively short appearance of the tater itself.[/spoiler]




    [spoiler]That was a very well-made film. I personally was a little surprised at the brevity of the tater’s screen-time, but this didn’t hurt the film. I did feel like there was too much build-up with him walking through the streets before the story began; I think this would have suited a 10 minute film but maybe not a shorter movie like this. But I think that’s a minor flaw, as the opening sequence was well done. Anyway, very nicely done!

    Oh, and that narrator was brilliant![/spoiler]




    God i wish people would post their videos in other formats not just mov. Sounds interesting but for some reason i cant watch mov.



    This is a silly film. But that’s what makes it so good.

    I really liked the narration. A bad narrator can really ruin an otherwise good film.

    The black and white B-movie look was nice. The clay tater was well done, too.

    I thought the plot was a little too similar to Frankenstein, with the potato filling in for Frankenstein’s monster. But, besides that, it was ok.



    A real disappointment. Lackluster plot, cheap cinematography for the most part. I liked the effects, and the credits.



    [spoiler]Frankenstein, keep you seat, because that Tater monster, although freaky, was rather silly looking. The film had a nice early B&W look to it. Animation was good. It had a good build up, but then suddenly, we’re dropped like a hot potato, pun intended. Ending was disappointing, basically. Before, that, was what a good first third of a film would look like.

    I wanted more, all I got was a giant perennial.[/spoiler]



    [spoiler]Just like everyone else said… we want more!

    Apart from that I really liked the look and style of this film. Very good job on that. I was hoping to see more of the tater, too, but it was quite fun.[/spoiler]

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    There was to much waliking at the begining, but it was actually scary, and kept me in suspense.



    I LOVED the look and mood of this film! The set design and cinematography was WONDERFUL, as well as the narration. But I was left wanting more.

    Overall great job, I wish there were more Brickfilms like this.



    [spoiler]Very cool film, I loved the black and white feel to the story. The lighting when he’s making the ‘tater and how you inverted the colors when it hit. Awesome film [/spoiler] 😀

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