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    These are the winners of the “Inventions, Discoveries, Extraordinary Achievements” 2007 Brickfilms Competition.

    The scores shown below have been weighted according the system outlined in the contest rules. To restate it, story: 35%, theme: 20%, and general presentation: 35%.

    1. Smeagol – Crown of Syracuse
    Weighted Final Score: 27.4
    Story: 5.95
    Theme: 6.6 (Highest in category)
    Presentation: 14.85 (Highest in category)

    2. Nick Durron – The Inventor
    Weighted Final Score: 22.7
    Story: 5.25
    Theme: 4.4
    Presentation: 13.05

    3. Mindgame – Hypothetical Possibilities
    Weighted Final Score: 18.4
    Story: 8.75
    Theme: 3.8
    Presentation: 5.85

    The Remainder:
    15.3 – Lord of the Lego – Infinity Squared
    14.6 – Shale – Reputation (Highest story score)
    13.5 – Night Owl – Night of the Tater
    10.9 – Captain Bulldog – The Creator’s Lost Tool
    7.25 – Infurno – Galileo
    3.05 – Matt Gillan – Greatness
    1.95 – Krick – Rick & Tom Go to the Future

    Good job to all of you, and a big congratulations to our winners. I certainly also want to thank those kind souls who took the time to watch and vote on the films (I’m sure the winners would like to thank you too) — your efforts are appreciated.

    Now let’s all have a gigantic celebration for our winners! :party:


    Nick Durron

    😯 Second place! Wow…

    Congratulations, everyone! I knew the results would be surprising given how good all the entires were.




    Congrats Smeagol, Nick and Zach!

    I think it’s quite amusing that two films made in a week placed 3rd and 4th! 😀

    EDIT: Now…if I only knew the results to THAC3 and Nadine and Charlie… 😉

    Hehehe…also, the top four winners in IDEA are all involved in Super.



    First and second were as expected. Interesting that MG kinda walked away with 3rd place; I thought there would be much closer competition from LOTL, Night Owl, and I guess Shale.

    EDIT: Here was my ballot, if anyone’s interested. I think I was one amongst a rather small group of voters.

    1) Shale – Reputation
    2) Nick Durron – The Inventor
    3) Night of the Tater – Night Owl
    4) Galileo – infurno
    5) Crown of Syracuse – Smeagol

    1) Galileo – infurno
    2) Night of the Tater – Night Owl
    3) The Creator’s Lost Tool – Capt. Bulldog
    4) Hypothetical Possibilities – MindGame
    5) Crown of Syracuse – Smeagol

    General Presentation
    1) The Inventor – Nick Durron
    2) Crown of Syracuse – Smeagol
    3) Night of the Tater – Night Owl
    4) Infinity Squared – LOTL
    5) Hypothetical Possibilities – MindGame



    Congratulations Smeagol, Nick, and MindGame! And also, to everyone who entered! :applause: :cheer: :party: :sly: 😀 🙂

    Personally, Crown of Syracuse, Hypothetical Possibilities, and Infinity Squared were my top three. All the other films were good too, though.

    I definetly want to enter next year’s major contest. Look out everybody!



    Awesome! :cheer: Congrats to everyone, especially Smeagol and Nick!

    In fact, let’s give all the entries a warm round of applause for their hard effort.




    Wow…this definitely was not “as expected” for me! There were a lot of good entries so I really didn’t know what to expect.

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to watch and vote, and to Watson and Richard Frost for organizing this competition!

    Congratulations, Nick and MG, for your wins as well.




    Well, I was hoping to place higher … at least I got the highest story score, I suppose.

    Congrats to the winners.


    Nick Durron

    MG got third place, Smeagol. :wink

    Personally, I liked Night of the Tater, Infinity Squared, and Crown of Syracuse the best. I’m a bit surprised that the former two of those didn’t come out higher.



    Congratulations to everybody.

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