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    Hi all, I am a member here (though, I admit, I haven’t been one for very long), and I am concerned with the fate of As you may know, has been around for years and years, and is very important to the history of brickfilming. Brickfilming basically started with this forum.

    Nowadays, is being overrun by spam bots. These robots are making anonymous posts in every forum and in every topic. They are destroying Not only is spam not pretty to look at, it is making the forum itself very slow. This forum cannot handle the overload of spambots.

    As a website developer (I have coded a couple of websites and am the admin of another LEGO forum), I know the ins-and-outs of websites, and I can see that is not working out. I see that this forum is using WordPress to run. WordPress is not a forum software, so the forum is falling apart on WordPress.

    I read on Facebook that the admin of is working on fixing the slowness, but that’s just not enough. may not last long enough to be re-modeled under the rain of all these spam bots. Anonymous posting needs to be disabled ASAP if you want this forum to survive. I can almost predict that this post which I am writing right now will have spam bots flooding the topic very soon.

    The topic “IMPORTANT – New admin listening to your needs/tips” is misleading. The admins have done nothing to fix this forum. The neglect is obvious, and it needs to be stopped now. needs to be preserved for it’s historical value, and for the future.

    I hope you, admins, read this post and understand that I am trying to help you. I also hope that you, members, will agree with me when I say that needs reform.

    Thank you for your time,


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