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    In order to curb down on the many I’m new here threads, all pre-existing threads will be deleted and future threads will be as well. This is the only thread.

    So let’s get started shall we.


    “Hey, I’m Droid and I just joined here. I hope to have fun.”



    hey, I’m reeldp. I run EXOKID656 Productions. I enjoy filmmaking and brickfilming.

    I’m here on because it was the original and I’ll help anyway I can even though I’m not on “The Mod Squad.” (Nice job, The Doctor. This site will be revived.)

    I’d like to say welcome to all new and old members of and hopefully (HOPEFULLY???… I know it will.) this site can become twice as good as it was before.



    Hi, my name is jake and I created LeboWood Films which is where I will post my movies. I am a big writer and hope to direct one day. I also hope to have fun.



    I’m Rick van Zee(that’s in English Rick from Sea) I’m dutch but I make English movies because of the more vieuws and those things… I like but I hate bricksinmotion ,I don’t know why I just do. I made a few brickfilms not that much yet. Today I made my sigfig ,and that’s it!



    Hi, I’m badgerboy (call me badger, because I’m a man now 😛 ).

    Ignore what it says to the left of my post, I am not an admin (as it also says in my signature). I’ve been here a fairly long time and I know the forums and its members pretty well. I lost interest in brickfilming a long time ago, but I still have an interest in film making and I enjoy working on movies.



    Hey I’m Brik and I’ve been into making films and animation for a long time but I’ve only just started making Brick films (because I figured it mixes the two). So far I’ve only done some animation tests which really aren’t worth uploading but at the moment I’m working on my first full Brick Film which I plan to go for a couple of minutes.



    hallo!Im legomatic3000 and i have just recently started lego animating again after 2 years of not doing anything! 😀



    Hi, I’m Rob. About 2 years ago I had an idea to make a movie with legos. I had no idea what I was doing (I was going to just take a bunch of still shots with my digital camera). I didn’t even know what a brickfilm was. Over time, one thing led to another and the script was neglected. I found this site a few months ago, and that was the impetus to complete my script. Now that the script is finished I’m trying to fulfill my ambition (finally). I’ve got several questions which I’ll ask in separate posts.



    Hey, new dude. I own Madhat Productions. I’m not very good at the inside bits of scriptwriting, but my general ideas are for the most part hilarious.



    HI! I’m Trey, and I love stop motion animation and I’m finally going to try to perfect it- with lego bricks!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 85 total)

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