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    I know this may be a sore subject for some, but I’ve noticed a little while ago: for a couple of months, every time I tried to access my profile, meessages, the forums, anything, there was just this massive lag in loading the page. Is this a sitewide problem, or am I just having a problem with my own computer? If so, any suggestions for how to fix it if it comes up again? (It mysteriously disappeared a few days ago, but I get a feeling it’ll come back.)



    I’ve experienced it too, so I think it’s not a problem with your computer or location.



    Thanks for the reply, Anna. If any mods or admins see this, I would like to know more about why this happens, and if it’s ever going to be possible to fix it; a major downside to this website is that it can take so long to navigate. If this were permanently fixed, I’d imagine there would be a lot more active traffic, and people wouldn’t have to worry about flooding the server.



    This may be a bump but the forums do seem a bit slow for me (takes like 30 seconds to load a page)


    If it loads at all. I get this often :
    502 Bad Gateway

    Also is having all the post in all the forums (some witch are not often used) since 2003(and beyond?) causing lag?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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