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    William James

    I was going to make a lego walking noise, but can’t seem to figure out any good items/ways to make the sound. Please let me know if you guys know anything I could use to make a good walking sound effect.




    There are various footstep sounds. Can you be a bit more specific like what kind of walking do you need; LEGO stud clicks or walking on a concrete floor with echoes or Muffled walking on carpet.


    James Brandon

    Record yourself banging a boot or a heavy shoe against a heater. You can use a pair of boots to simulate a walking pattern. After that combine it with whatever Foley footsteps you would like.



    For dust, you can use a potting soil. The mud will absorb much of the sound of a footstep, so it’s perfect for situations like a muddy beach or a trodden hiking path..



    Wave Brigade has some pretty excellent footsteps in one of their free sound packs. This is far more accurate to what you may need.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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