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    I’m working on parody/plot driven Lego Young Justice Series. Would anyone like to help with music, sound fx, or voice acting?
    Characters: Nightwing, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Artemis, Super Boy, Miss Martian, The Riddler, Superman, Wonder-Woman, Super Boy Clone.

    Plot Synopsis: Batman assigns the team on a mission to defeat the Riddler. While the team arrives to late they’re left a message from the riddler telling them that there is a bomb strapped in a location around the city that could take out each block they rest on. Nightwing & the team retrieve the bomb but he soon realizes they were only decoys to the real bomb, which is being held somewhere deep below ground. Nightwing locates where the bomb is, but once the team gets there they find that the bomb is actually another clone of super-boy.

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