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    Yes, I realize this has already been talked about, but I think we should try again. AC is really good for those who are just starting to brickfilm, and it’s also fun, and maybe even helpful for more experienced members. I wouldn’t mind doing an episode on dollies and other camera movements. Does anyone else want to do this?



    I’d be willing to pitch in. Actually, I’d be more than willing to pitch in.




    I believe Little Studios and Matt Gillan are creating something that is supposed to be similar in concept to the series.



    Really? I thought that was a spoof on Da Europeans. Anyway, if all goes well, I will start animating one soon, but I would like the get Stefan’s approval, since he started the whole thing.
    But for the time being, I will start writing a script for one. I would like to do camera movements, as I mentioned above. I’ll have to get Josh and Phil involved…

    Also, if someone could contact LOTL, he could do a pretty awesome one on set design. That was going to be covered by JamesFM, but he seems to have disappeared.
    Here’s the (old) list of lessons and who was going to cover them.



    It would be so cool to have some more, newer Animation Class clips to link to when people popped up with questions. I wish I’d watched the Blunty one on animation before I started animating.



    I’ll contact Stefan to see if it’s okay with him.



    So, make an Animation Class movie.
    It doesn’t need to be institutionalized, just make one on a subject that you think you can cover well.




    I still have an old script of Animation Class 3 here on my PC. I can recall Dewfilms and I were exchanging ideas on Animation Class about a year ago. Coincidentally I just found it back a few days ago. So if anyone’s interested… :mrgreen:



    I would love to be part of this! I started to do my own, once, but it didn’t get off the ground well.



    The Animaton Class is in fact a project by Stefan, as far I can remember. If I were you, I’d get his permission.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 22 total)

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