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    Brick Angel

    (dear god, don’t let this turn into twilight – getting carried away again)
    #11 I didn’t think, my body moved before my mind could even make sense of what was happening. Teeth like sold steel of a blade ripped through my flesh. I could feel It all went hot and the air smelled of rust. My instinct to protect the boy made me his shield, it sealed my fate. I fought back against the wild beast as hard as I could, but there was something different about this wolf. It was larger than a wolf should be; faster than a wolf should be. It dodged my attacks more like a trained fighter than a dumb animal. I could feel my blood pouring out faster as my heart raced with the exertion. The trees and stars began to churn above as the earth spun below, “So this is how I die.” As ground hit me I feel the beast’s breath above me. In the distance, frantic cries, men yelling “Don’t let him get away!” As the voices came closer something unusual happened, the grizzly animal laughed? I was sure then that losing too much blood was making me see and hear things, and then the wolf was gone. The next morning…


    #12 I woke up in the hospital in excruciating pain. My head spinning from all the painkillers. A soft voice was calling out to me saying:…

    dude, you have a gift. that’s some pretty impressive writing. you definitely need to start your own script 😀



    #12……. i woke up in a little bed made of rags and hay.


    Brick Angel

    (seeing as you both posted at the same time…lol… I’ll take both lines into consideration in this next one)
    “Wake up, hey you! Wake up!” The painkillers made everything ring in an awkward pitch and a skewered light. Even so the voice was beautiful in every way. As my eyes focused I saw the faded red of the barn could hear the…


    Brick Angel

    Hi guys just here to……IMAGINATION! MORE MORE MORE!



    #14 gentle patter of the rain on the tin roof. Even the mildest of noises seemed like concerts in my ears, making the ringing worse. The gentle patter began to turn into a loud banging, an almost unbearable annoyance. I struggled to focus my seemingly unused eyes. Blurry became bright, bright became blurry. I sat up slowly, as not to add dizziness and nausea to the list of things ruining my day. Slowly, but surely, the over exaggerated rain ringing in my head turned back into a gentle patter. I struggled to see who was casting such a beautiful voice. As my senses came back…


    Galaxy Patrol

    I hope we can revive this story.

    #15 …I tried to retrace my footsteps that was so distinct that night. I began to feel afraid once more. “Could I have been followed?”, I thought. It was the strangest event since…



    #16 … I was at Disney Land with my parents. I was only eight at the time. But I got lost in a huge wave of people, and a man with an unfamiliar face came to me and asked if I could go with him somewhere, I forgot where. But I was so scared I ran as fast as I cold until I heard my parents calling for me. “CRACK” someone or something broke a branch, I snapped out of my day dream and ran to cover behind a tree. When I looked around the tree I saw…

Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)

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