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    I started this film in summer 2005. It was for a test that I have at the end of secondary school. When I started this movie I didn’t have monkey jam.
    So when I filmed with my camera I didn’t know if I have moved
    something in the set for example. It was only when I have captured that I saw if I have made a mistake in the animation.
    And the slide editing was very long because there didn’t have the good framerate.
    But at the end of the filming I discover monkey jam and it was very easier.
    And this movie was the first in which I made some quite good animation.
    L’Inspiration is my first good film.
    I made La Surprise and Ripou (crooked cop) but it was after the filming of L’Inspiration.

    L’inspiration (320×240) Divx



    That was awesome! All the music fit perfectly in the scenes. And the animation was pretty good actually. It must have been challenging to film with the super wide screen shots.

    [spoiler] I loved the part when he was walking down the alley. The set was amazing.[/spoiler]



    Very well put together film, and quite interesting to watch as well. The wide-screen cimematography was very well done. The story was engaging
    I liked the part with the crazy girlfriend. I can see how there could be an interesting story both behind it and continuing it (it would probably actually make a pretty funny Brickfilm). [/spoiler]

    Good job!


    Some possible spoilers in the review below.

    “Chosen1’s Review” wrote: “L’Inspiration” Is a cheery little animation about a screenwriter and his search for inspiration. He searches everywhere for it, when it was right underneath his nose the entire time. L’Inspirations’ Camera quality was superb and, so was most of the voice acting. The narrator gave it a cool effect, and even though the talking was in French (with subtitles) it was quite entertaining. The wide-screen format really gave the film a sense of openness, it was really quite great. The only problems I found where that some of the animation was either to choppy or, to slow for realism and, The walk cycle was odd in some of the scenes. Also, I found the end of the movie to be quite a let down. He could have done so much more. A good film never the less.

    Can’t wait to see your next films!



    Shadow the Rebel

    I loved it. Very good.

    When the main character is walking down the street at night, I realised that this is the screenplay he wrote. This is his movie. He wrote a screenplay about finding inspiration.

    Very enjoyable, I would love to see more from you.

    I tried to keep this post simple so it would be easy for you to translate.

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