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    This thread is for all discussion relating to the script. The only finished script we have so far is the ROUGH DRAFT.

    You can find all three parts of the script here:
    The LEGO Movie Project Script
    They are all in PDF form.

    If you have any suggestions on ways to improve the script, please post them. Also, I’d be interested in not only hearing your suggestions, but what you think of the script as a whole, too.


    PS: The other scripting thread is now closed. Please keep all discussion relating to the script in this thread. Thanks.



    Great story badgerboy! There are a couple of things that I will point out tommorow when I am alert enough to even realize I’m awake.



    Ok, I don’t remember all the things a saw last night, so I’ll continue pointing them out as I see or remember them. They were mostly animation issues. One big question, how are we going to do the monsters? The big trolls that are out now can’t do all the stuff your saying they are. As for what the queen, how are we going to do the monsters she morphs into? How can she still look kind of pretty?None of the Legos I’ve seen look like that. You also say that a Lego person will, say, squint, frown, etc. How is that possible if we don’t do facial animation?



    We can just create monster models out of actual LEGO.
    For the creatures the Queen morphs into, we can build them out of LEGOs.
    If we don’t decide to do facial animation, then we can make an exception whenever facial animation is needed.



    Oh, so you mean like the Creator-type dragons, monsters, etc?



    Much better nows thanks guys. Drugs are keeping the rest standable but I still don’t really feel like devoting some decent time to the script yet because I still gotta work and after that my mind will be ready to implode if it hasn’t already 😛



    Glad you’re feelin’ better. Could you possibly look at the questions I asked in the other LMP thread? And where do you work?



    Hey guys if you wouldn’t mind could you keep the off-topic discussion in a PM? I don’t want to clog up this thread unnecessarily.



    Whoops 😳 . Sorry!



    Hey Doc I don’t mean to be rude but I’m getting a little impatient here waiting for your thoughts on the script. Surely it doesn’t take that much energy to read something?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 36 total)

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