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    The purpose of this thread is to basically tell you how I imagine the world in the LMP looks and feels. Things may change in the future. Another purpose of this thread is to make sure all the writers understand how I see it, and then they can comment, and then we can all be on the same page.

    The People: The people of the world of LMP are everywhere from nice to mean and shy to outgoing, much like the real world. Most of the people are poor(ish), so they live in small shacks and don’t bathe often, leaving dirt on their faces. The city surrounding the Castle is by far the wealthiest place in the country, but most are still poor. Only those who live inside and immediately outside the castle can afford to regularly have common conveniences by today’s standards. Josh, the hero of this story, lives on a farm outside the walls of the Castle city, and is quite poor.

    As a general rule, the poorer they are, the greedier and ruder the people are. They are desperate to get by and live their life, but that is very hard when they are so poor and have no way of climbing higher.

    The Land: The lands in the LMP are fantastic locations, having several different climates and landforms. There are mountains, plains, and several small villages, and very few large towns or cities.

    Inside the city, most shops are two stories, but houses are one story. How close to the castle determines how nice the buildings are. No buildings outside of the Castle wall are more than one story, and most of said buildings are shacks.

    The Culture: The people’s culture in LMP is basically a mix of our own and medieval. Names can be modern or older. The speech is common everyday English you hear everyday, but some leaders will speak more sophistocated (the King, for example).Recreational activities includes sports and games, much like what we have today. The jobs and clothing are very much medieval, though.

    The monsters: The monsters and the humans pretty much had a gentleman’s pact until the events in the film. The monsters don’t bother the humans, and the humans don’t bother the monsters. The monsters live in a large network of caverns beneath an abandoned village.

    There are several different types of monsters, and they are led by The Queen, who is a shape-shifter. Most monsters don’t have a formal name for their respective species (unless we come up with different species and such), they’re all just known as monsters, and they can be similar to others, completely different, or one of a kind.

    The Skeletons were originally humans that have been forced to work for the Queen because of an ancient pact. The Queen despises them, so she has turned them into skeletons for as long as she lives.

    The other kingdom: Not much will be revealed about the other kingdom in the film (for those who forget, the other kingdom is planning to go to war with Castleton). They are really just a group of barbarians that happen to have a functional government. They steal and kill, and are generally cruel beings. They don’t have any form of law enforcement, leaving everyone to sort out their own mess (and the citizens don’t seem to dislike this). They are richer than Castleton because they steal and kill and conquer.

    Well, that’s all I got. If you think I forgot anything, or have any questions, just let me know.



    I don’t have any complaints with what you outlined. On the subject of the monsters, I feel we will have to flesh them out a bit more (are they humanoid, lupine, etc…), simply for the sake of understanding their limits and abilities. Since there are scenes in the King’s court, we probably need to establish a standard for it as well. I’m thinking along the lines of a large hall with many arches and stained glass windows, almost like a gothic church? For areas surrounding Josh’s home, what would the land be like? My impression would be that the poorer the area, the worse the land for growing crops, so very dry and dusty with little vegetation. As Josh gets further from home, the amount of vegetation increases, and the color palate goes from dusty brown to more vibrant colors.
    Just my take though. I like what you have created thus far. I think most of what needs done now is expanding upon the foundation you’ve set up.

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