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    We have three items on the agenda for today.

    First off, I made an animation test using some interesting techniques. It includes a focus pull and a pan that I did using a new, more versatile setup.
    Quicktime Animation Test

    Second, I made a facial animation test. no mouth movement yet, just playing around with a digital face on a still frame. I’ll do something more complex later.
    Quicktime Face Test

    Third, and lastly – After missing THAC 4 and suffering from some un-THAC inspired disorders, I was just dying to animate something in a set amount of time. I didn’t want it to take up the whole day, though, so I picked 90 minutes. What do you think you could animate in 90 minutes?
    Quicktime 90 Minutes Animation
    I also have a little 5 minute documentary that I made. If anyone wants to see it, I’ll upload it. I originally intended it to be a contest, but I realized that I would have no way of enforcing the time limit, so I ditched that idea. It was very fun, and I had a great time, so I might do another one soon.

    Well, that about wraps things up.



    Animation was very good.
    One complaint I have for the 90 minute one, was that I don’t think the catapult projectile was moving quick enough, almost as it was in slowmotion, unless that is what you were aiming for.
    Good job.



    Nice fluid animation, but I realy liked the image quality. Which camera?

    And I would like to see the documentary.

    Cheers Arend



    nice animation dude, quality was also great, and your walking goes really smoodly, how do you do that?,

    PS: yea let’s see that Documentary 😮



    Was that rock done with chroma key ?
    I was trying to figure out how you did it.

    They were all very good. Impressive.



    I’ll upload the documentary today, so you can see. The rock is a 3d model done in Blender. Since I only had 90 minutes, I had to go with what I got at first, and yes, it was a bit slow.

    About the camera – (Peers at the fine print on the bottom of camera) It’s a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ10. Here is a review of it.

    Pros: 4MP, 12x optical zoom, manual focus and white balance.
    Cons: No remote capture or motion capture software capabilities, so you have to press the button on top for every frame. Luckily, it’s weight and size make it a very stable camera, so I don’t bump it very often. Also, it’s video has very low resolution, so I stick to stop-mo with it.

    Here’s a picture of what mine looks like. I also have a couple filters for it. It uses 72mm filters.

    EDIT: Notice the massive focus ring. VERY good for focus pulls.
    Due to it’s weight, it is hard to maneuver for shots. I just filmed a shot in which I turned the set on it’s side in front of the camera to get an overhead view. I had to stick the minifigs to the baseplate with clay as they walked.



    Either it was a typo, or you’re not telling the truth, but the 90 minutes thing said Leonardo Studios 2007 :wink
    Anywise, it was good, but if the rock would’ve been real, and would’ve tumbled it wouldv’e be better.
    I liked the pan; it was very smooth.
    I didn’t paly the documentary yet.



    Oops. 😳
    My bad. I must have typed 2007 accidentally.


    Matt Gillan

    The tests were good although the facial animation looked a little pixalated.

    The film itself was very well done in such a short period. I was amazed at how you managed to built a set like yours in such a short amount of time. Although you can actually see the table at the very bottom of the frame in the close up shot of the tower.

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