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    The results of the judges’ votes have been tabulated and the winners determined. Some of the categories, like screenplay and acting, were extremely close with a difference of only 2 points separating the winner from second while others like cinematography had clear favorites. I’d like to personally thank everyone who participated in MoB, whether you submitted a film or not. Special thanks to my three judges for taking the time to serve as such. Finally, congratulations to the winners and to those involved in the three films which were entered in the competition.

    And now for the results…

    Best Acting (Performance)
    Henrik Persson, Athelred in Hastings

    Best Cinematography
    Nikolas Jaeger, Hastings

    Best Screenplay
    Nikolas Jaeger, Hastings

    Best Director
    Nikolas Jaeger, Hastings

    Best Film
    Nikolas Jaeger, Hastings

    Would the winners please contact me with directions on how they wish to receive their prizes (by mail or via Paypal). Congratulations again to the winners and to all who completed films for the competition.




    Wow. A sweep. Awesome job, Night Owl.




    Woah. Congrats on the solid win, Night Owl. I really have to go watch Hastings.

    – Shale, who keeps kicking himself for not having seen the MoB films yet.



    So, doesn’t Night Owl get, like, $250 USD?



    Winners? 😉

    Clearly all deserved, Nikolas. Congrats!

    w00tbeer all around.



    A sweep. Wow. Congratulations, Night, and also to the two other entries for finishing your films on time.




    Good job to the other contestants as well.




    First I would like to thank prof1515 for making this competition, the original idea of the MoB to make quality films that have everything in it, like plot, character development, and voice acting was very encouraging and I hope we will see more such films.
    The contest adressed weaknesses, and I have to say, those are hard to overcome. I really liked the challenge, and I have to say some hurdles were probably a little too high for us. I my opinion non of the films had a good character development with problem, crisis, turningpoint, and solution. But we grow on our tasks, right? Still there were strong characters with good ideas and solid execution.
    It would be a lie when I say that we are not dissapointed for not even winning one category, but thinking about it, the three films were hard to compare, since the focus of each film was so different. I would not liked to be a judge here. So also thanks to the judges.

    Now finally congratulations to the winner, Night owl! You did an amazing job, and I envy you for the best dolly I have ever seen in a brickfilm (the one from the beginning showing the horse riding through the village including the semi transparent foreground!)
    And also to the other competitor Dead-Eye my congratulations, I admired the amount of work you put into this, especially the sets!

    I am looking forward to the discussion about future MoBs, but that is a different topic.

    Cheers Arend :cheer:



    Hmm, that was kind of an uninteresting finale.

    Well, all the same, congrats Nikolas. Good work.




    This topic was split from the original thread.

    Congratulations to the Night Owl for his achievement and thanks to prof1515 for holding this competition.

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