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    Here’s my contest entry. It’s great to be in this contest. During the last one I tried to enter, the THAC contest, I was disqualified for being late. Anyway, here’s the link:

    Basic Instinct (rm, 11.7MB)



    Animation was nice. A great effort on animating multiple minifigs at once. Pacing was slow though. Was it to sychronize to the music or not, I can’t answer that, but hopefully, the animator will.

    I notice a familiar background behind the back drop where the second brown creature bursted through. :wink

    Overall, I enjoyed it, to a certain extent. By that, I mean I was distracted some of the slow movements.



    The familiar background was from my brother’s film — “Shale’s System Reboot.” It was getting close to the deadline when I was shooting that scene, so I didn’t have a lot of time to find and print out an unique background. The background from his film was nearby, so I just grabbed it and used it. I was wondering if anybody would notice it.



    Hmm, it’s good for a music video. Not really a story to it, but then again the Black Eyed Peas like it to do the no-story way too.



    I think the best part about this video was the dancers on the dancefloor. Those really brought the thing to life. The monkey plot only managed to slow things down, and violence against monkeys is generally frowned upon 😉

    Try to imagine how long a certain action would take in real life, and compute how many frames that would be. Often fewer than you’d think. That realization could give the film that little extra spark it needs. You got it right when you had the DJ spinning on his record. There you built up momentum and put it to use with the right impact.

    Overall, well done!


    Oh, and download yourself an older version of VideoMach or just buy it – that logo in the corner is pretty awful.



    I kind of liked it for a music video!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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