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    I’m kinda new and started taking an interest in stop motion/ brick films, as like a hobby. I was wondering, what should I do and what do I need to get started. I have the legos, a camera and I use a mac, and I’ve already made a stop motion for a project that turned out pretty well using iMovie. I want to continue making stop motion, and pretty much what I’m asking is what’s a good software(s) to use for putting it together, audio/voices, editing, etc. I kinda want to know everything. Or is iMovie a good enough program? I also know that I should get a mic for recording, anything specific I should look for? Last thing is what is a good order in making the films? Film then record over with what i’m saying or record my voice(s) first then match the film to the voices?
    Any and every help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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