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    The Duke

    At long last, here is the updated version of our THAC entry, “Negotiations.” I totally rewrote the score, and fixed some of the sound problems, and even a tad bit of editing.

    Negotiations – RealMedia, 14 MB



    This version of the film seemed much better, in more ways than just the score…

    But it probably was just me.

    Anyway, that is quite an impressive film there. What makes it different is how it excels in sound, not effects. That is something that a lot of films seem to miss.



    I look forward to the soundtrack eagerly.

    For the most part, I really enjoyed the addition of the music, especially the begining and end. I think, however, including music throughout the entire film lessened both the powerfulness of the music and the importance of the dialogue. I, personally, would have started the dramatic music up when Comyn says “Ever heard the word…ransom?” Also, I felt the music during the fight sounded cheesy. But it was better than no music.

    Damn, this review sounds to negative. It was never meant to come off that way. I really liked the redux.



    I agree with LOTL about the music in the dialogue scenes, as it detracted and lessened the importance of it. However, I particularly liked the music in the fight, contrary to him. It gave it a sense of intensity unlike the original.

    Oh, and you forgot the finger snap sound again 😉




    Wow, that score added a lot to it, and it was great itself. I too await the release of the full suite.


    Night Owl

    That was good. I especially liked the dissonant chords as Comyn delivered his ransom line. The cinematography remains the best, though.



    That was amazing music. Please get that soundtrack available for download as soon as you can!

    Oh, and the film was good too. 🙂



    The one thing I didn’t like where the pauses in the music, but that’s just me. The rest of film is still mindblowingly awesome though.



    Allo Duke!

    Just a quick review. First off, I realize that this was for the 24 hour contest, so having to do all of what you did in that short amount of time was great!

    I’ll just comment on the fighting parts. I am going to be VERY nitpicky here, so please don’t take what I say to be a discouragement. I know that in a 24 hour contest, I probably couldn’t even come up with a script or motivation, let alone a whole movie! 🙂

    Against the two guards.

    One thing that is missing is ‘weight’, I mentioned ‘overlapping action’ in my tutorial. The guards don’t seem forceful enough. Now, it’s hard to do in the minimum amount of time there, but if the first guard could grab Blue guy forcefully, and blue guy throws him down hard, and then dodges just in time as the 2nd guard comes crashing down with the pike. Blue guy then grabs the pike and that would look a bit more ‘realistic’ in terms of forcefulness.

    Currently, it looks like he shrugs the first guy off, and then catches the pike, which didn’t look like it was really swung with any enthusiasm.

    Hitting the guard with the pike was fine, but the spin is kinda slow. I’ll get to that later.

    Against Kann

    The speed and timing of the swords were fine, actually. I think if you had more time, you could make the swords swings smoother, and then you could follow the swords a lot easier. Currently, the swords are a bit difficult to follow, but they’re not that bad.

    I would comment, again, on the swings. They’re a bit too slow and uniform. I’m not going to be one of those guys that say that spins are not realistic, but they have to be a bit more realistic if used in a sword fight. If someone spins, and my sword is in front of me ready to hit, heck, I’ll just nail the guy. Even if the spin is barely registered, make it about 2 or 3 frames (may be off on number of frames here) and motion blur it somehow so that we can see it’s a fast spin. Have the enemy be at the end of his attack so that he isn’t in a position to hit the spinning guy if the guy does spin.

    Other than that, it’s fine. Quick and simple, sound is well synched, and the fight is interesting enough throughout! It’s hard making little mini figs fight, so even though I’m overly critical, it was well done!

    Hope that’s what you wanted!



    I dunno what it is about this film but I just really like it. It’s a short and simple idea performed well.

    I have to say, the added music makes a massive difference to the entire mood and feel to the film. Shows you what a difference music can make, especially if timed well.

    -Little Studios

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