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    Hi everyone, it’s Tim from Spite Your Face Productions, I’ve been off Brickfilms/the LEGO movie scene in general for waaaay too long but maybe some of you still remember our official and unoffical LEGO movies from back in the day?

    We’re currently producing a live action sci-fi short that also features elements of stop-motion (in a Stan Winston type SFX capacity) puppeteering and cg. It’s called [i]Yvette Horizon[/i] and is a tale of vengeance, romance and piracy on the cruel black oceans of space.

    We think of it as a spiritual sequel to our earliest LEGO work insofar as it’s our first completely independent project since that time. We started from the position of ‘gee, wouldn’t it be nice to make a space saga’, have completed all shooting on no real budget at all, and are now running a completion funding campaign for the extensive effects, post, music and sound work. Watch the video below to see something of what it will be like and find out more about our plans:

    For years folks have been asking us how we did this and that animation/fx-wise, so if you’re interested in learning how we’re putting this ambitious project together, while ensuring that it happens, then joining us is the best way.

    Even minimum $5 contributors gain first access to the finished film in 1080p, a film credit, [i]and[/i] ongoing exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes materials including video and pictures.
    For higher contributors we’ll be producing an extensive art/making book.

    Even if you can’t contribute then please do spread the word to anyone interested in indie cinema and sci-fi!

    You can also find Yvette Horizon on twitter, facebook, Pinterest, tumblr, flickr and

    I’m really exited to be a part of this! Good to be working on our own personal SYF project once more, and happy that we’ll be once more working with Jason Graves, who did the music for our LEGO Star Wars and Spider-Man films and is now well known for his soundtracks for videogames including Dead Space.

    Hope you’ll find the project interesting and get involved, please let me know any questions about it!

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