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    You’ve waited for such a long time, and finally, after that long time, the film is complete. What was originally an APE entry eventually morphed into a legacy of procrastination. There’s many a story behind this one, but I won’t go into that.

    Without further ado…

    6 MB, 4 Minutes, 640 by 480

    As should be obvious, the film is about the recent “epidemic” of BSE, or Mad Cow Disease.

    Peace out,




    In case you have been wondering why on earth I’ve had this avatar for months, maybe this will clear things up a bit. 😉 We appreciate spoiler tags if you plan on spoiling. Thank you, and enjoy!




    ado is spelled differently. I hope. I will watch your film later, I need my dad’s comp.



    ado is spelled differently

    Actually, he spelled it right.

    I’m babysitting our neighbors right now, but I’ll try to watch it later.





    Stop Motion

    I enjoyed that Film!:D Really GOOD Lighting!! Funny!
    Stop Motion


    Nice story and a great cast of voices make this a great, enjoyable film.

    -Woody, who still eats beef.



    I’ve been waiting for this film for a while now, and let me tell you it was well worth the wait.
    LOL, P-TV!! I loved all of the names of the characters. Chad Ballot must be from Florida, lol!! Rancher Brown made me laugh so much, along with all of the other interviews. I saw the penguin running away from Dr. Weirdo’s lab. The work of Mot, no doubt. Who were the guys running away from Jack Daniels? I could not tell. That was an excellent ending. I noticed that at the end of the film, there was no “Buck Ugly Sports”, how come?

    Animation, set design, sound, all top notch. Great work guys!
    I don’t eat beef very often, but I’ll be sure to eat a hamburger this week. :wink


    Yeah, I noticed the absense of Buck, too. BTW, Mot, I cought the penguin and Bob and Joe. :wink Jack Daniels was just TOO GOOD!!!




    That was great fun! Technically the movie is very good – and add to that, FUNNY! Nice to hear the voices of our fellow brickfilmers.

    I LOVED the interview attempt with the mine! That was AWESOME!

    Excellent work! Keep it up!

    My only Mad Cow joke I can tell here;

    Two cows are standing in a pasture eating grass. One cow asks the other “So what do you think about this Mad Cow Disease?” The second cow replies “I can’t hear you, I’m a helicopter”.

    Sorry…. that’s all I’ve got.


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