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    Hey folks, the new quakefilm is up and running. It’s called “Money” and it’s about Ralph and Rupert’s financial troubles. It’s about 4.5 minutes long, and it’s about 10 MB. Download and tell me what you think!
    Right click, save as.



    Lieberman Bros.

    😆 Very well done Dave. The animation was good, the voices were awesome, and I thought the sotry was original and funny. This is a vast improvement overall from your previous films. I look forward to seeing mre films with Ralph and Rupert 😀 .




    wow that was friggin hilarious. makes me wish I had a mic so I could do something like that… I slouch back into my chair in awe of you.

    I wish money did grow on trees.

    excellent animation, awesome storyline. b e a youtifull.




    I liked it, Dave. Liked the “this is one money” things and so.

    I definatly like it.



    Thanks, guys. I’m happy you like it.




    That was great. Your dialogue is better than Blunty’s. Not only that, but your animation has vastly improved.
    “Aaaiii, a robber!” — the animation on that is dead on. 😆
    Good job!




    OMG, that was soo freaking funny. The withdrawal scene literally had me laughing out lound. I had to replay that scene at least ten times. Give me the money! 😆 Great voices, especially on the ghost.

    I can’t wait to see your Halo film, now!




    Wow, Nos. I’m really flattered that you used a quote from the movie in your sig. Nobody’s ever done that before for one of my films. Thanks for the really big compliment:

    “nosniborus” wrote: Your dialogue is better than Blunty’s

    Thanks a lot guys. I’m happy that you noticed that my animation is improving. I’ve noticed that, too.
    Thanks again, everybody.




    Most excellent.The plot kinda seemed like a mish mash of your last movies, and Rupert’s voice changed halfway through, but the funny bits more than made up for it.


    “Now we have two moneys!”

    *End Spoilers*



    willy trombone

    hehehehe, that was pretty funny, dave. good animation too.

    you misspelled “sensing” in the credits 😛

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 17 total)

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