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    Hi Guys!!!!!!!

    About to start a video when I realized that for the most part it is set at night-time and I have no idea how to give my video that effect! Is there a more “professional” way of doing it? Any advice will be much appreciated!



    Point a lamp away from the set. The reflected brightness will light your set, with just sufficient light to make it look like night. This works really well.


    James Brandon

    Put paper over your lamps is a key method to obtain a fine smooth look to your brick film. It also doesn’t make the lighting as harsh. This will improve the feature!!!



    If you want a bit of a cinematographic outcome, you can make an effort to tint your lights blue a bit; not something I’ve tried, however I know a few people have, and a lot of runaway success cinema do this in situation to darkness shot.



    Make use of a black-out or shades to cover up your windows. This will help out to block any natural light, and reduce light-flicker. One more option is to animate at night-time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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