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    Glad you guys liked the movie. Keep the reviews a’coming.

    Mouth animation adds a whole new level of comic possibility to brickfilms. I think some of the jokes just wouldn’t had worked with static faces. I used After Effects and Photoshop.

    I would be happy to help you, Ladon.

    KG, working on a tutorial




    That was laugh-out-loud funny. Very grood.




    It was amusing, but not laugh-out-loud funny for me. [spoiler]What did the dog say at the end?[/spoiler]

    Awesome animation though!




    That was amazing, KG! 😆
    [spoiler]How do you like your new doggie threats?[/spoiler]

    “KG” wrote: KG, working on a tutorial



    Super Cameraman

    Do you think your tutorial will work with flash? I like mouth animation but mine needs some work. Faaaaaaantastic movie! Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

    Super Cameraman (who doesn’t feel so super anymore :wink )



    “Rolz” wrote: That was amazing, KG! 😆
    [spoiler]How do you like your new doggie threats?[/spoiler]


    [spoiler]Yay, another Spastik Chuwawa movie! The only thing I didn’t get is what the dog said at the end.[/spoiler]


    Shadow the Rebel

    Nice. I liked it.

    [spoiler]I couldn’t understand what the dog said though.[/spoiler]

    Beautiful face animation by the way.



    Great job, KG. Wonderful mouth animation.

    [spoiler]What would mother think?….eh, I never liked her anyways. :lol:[/spoiler]




    I think the dog said something similar to what the minifig said. “How’d you like your new doggie treat, boy?”

    [spoiler]Awesome animation and mouth animation, although I noticed that one spot where the mouth became part of the background as well as the mouth.

    I strongly suggest using the bezier warp, even though it does seem to have some bizarre (depending on how you pronounce it, those two words rhymned) setting to it. For a still frame, bezier warp works well in transforming the image to look like it was on a cylinder, a ball, etc. or right on the minifig’s face. For animating, that takes time.[/spoiler]

    One question: was it animated on a blank minifig head with just reference points or did you mask out the original face?

    Edit: typo


    Shadow the Rebel

    Probably a blank head, they come with Stormtroopers, or he just turned the head around so you couldn’t see the face. Or he could have scratched it out. I doubt he used a black head though.

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