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    Sorry for the big, fat bump, but after finding the thread to this from its film directory page, I couldn’t just let this slide without saying something. :shrug:

    [spoiler=Hey, KG…*sigh*]KG, that was awesome. The special effects in this are as good Cowboy Hat. The whole facial expression of the guy was great, especially his mouth (like when he licks his shops). 😉 I didn’t find this as funny as Cowboy Hat, but I’ve got to say your brickfilms are becoming twice as funny with this whole face thing. You’re changing how brickfilms are made, man. You’re a revolutionist!!![/spoiler]

    Oh, yeah…when’s that tutorial coming out?



    Film Brain

    That was a nice little wacked out, far out, surreal KG film. My head feels funny…
    [spoiler]Should of have had a mouth on the dog at the end, though…[/spoiler]

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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