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    I go into the groups section and there are two groups just on doctor studies not having any thing to do with Brick films or making one.

    Now I know this is off topic to but I feel this needs to be recognized and dealt with as it is ruining this good community with dumb stuff that has nothing to do with Brick Filming.

    I am using this topic to start a petition to have the groups pulled down. Please give your support!


    I know, There have been some bots and what not. and that needs to be cleared up. Sadly moderators have been sparse as of late.


    I am now a moderator and have been taking this note to the Admin.
    Thank you for bringing this issue to the public notice.



    As am I and am currently trying to figure out how to get them down from the page.


    Super 🙂


    Lego Brick Man

    Can you please point out which posts had these spammy material. I will take them immediately
    Thanks and Regards


    Lego Brick Man

    Cleaned up the forums and groups of the spammy posts. They seemed to have slipped in during the long weekend over new year

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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