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    For those who want to discuss, criticize make remarks or whatsoever about my 10 Brick entry:

    feel free do it do here


    finally, the film can be found at:



    Aww…how cute…

    Originally I thought it was one of those Ugly Duckling theme, but it wasn’t. Animation is very good.

    I enjoy watching the parts where the black duck submerged itself to get closer to the white duck.

    I liked how you personified the ducks, especially when the white duck looks away from the black duck.

    Typical happy ending. Overall, very good 8) .

    Edit: Duck, swan, whatever



    A beautiful film!
    The emotions of the characters are excellently portrayed in brick form.
    The soundtrack compliments the film in every way. What I liked most were the painted backgrounds. Your hard work and artistry of this film paid off tenfold. A must see for anyone and everyone!



    i like the idea of the film. The swan flows with the background music…Got to like the water



    Nice movie 🙂
    The cool sets, music and duck and swan all fit together nicely and gave a it fairly slow-moving, subtle feel. I’m not sure, though, if you needed as many scene changes as have.



    I thought this was one of the best in the 10 brick films. The animation was very smooth and the duck and swan were original and cool. The music fit very well and it was enjoyable, but I felt it went a tad too long. Still, it is quality work from brickbrock.



    I think this movie is a masterpiece. It’s simple, it’s well done, and it’s entertaining to watch. I loved that part when the swan looks up into the sky all “prissy-like.” The part when the duck went underwater was wonderful as well, and I loved the synching with the music! This is definitely one of the best on’es I’ve seen so far. Great job!




    Your simple, painted background, and reflective baseplate perfectly suited the music and the characters. Charming. 🙂 I found them to be much more effective than some of the more complicated sets found in other movies.
    I especially liked the character design – excellent use of the elements!
    Very, very good.



    Count Orlock

    This was a very beautiful film, and I whole-heartedly enjoyed it. Congrats Brickbrock. I wish more people would make artsy little films like this, they are so inspiring. The animation was next to flawless, the designs of the ducks were cool, and their movement – DAMN – their movement was smooth and realistically sweet. Excellent choice for music, although I have seen plenty of Loony Toon episodes that featured ducks in a pond swimming to this score, actually just one. But still, great, great film!



    I’ve watched about 90% and this is my favorite of the bunch by quite a margin. Nicely done.

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