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    Um well I want to have a phonetic mouth animation but all the tutorials are for adobe after effects I mean yeah I could get the free trail but that would be a waste of money from whatever program I use, I just want to know how to make a Photonetic mouth animation without Adobe after effects (and gimp).


    I dont know what your resourcess are. But, unless you have a sort of image editing program. you could go with some sort of paper cut outs or stickers. Or a head for each mouth sound.

    Often Toturials for some software may be somewhat usable in other software.

    Sorry I canot be more helpfull.


    Onecras Films

    For my last video all I did was paint a mouth movement over each individual picture. It’s really not the best way and it is definitely time consuming.

    Next, I tried to keep my characters still while animating, then I added a layer with just the mouth and positioned that over my character. I found that way a easier, and you can I think you can use this technique with any program that consist of layers.

    Hope this can help a little!



    I’ve used Adobe Photoshop to animate the mouths in my brickfilms. Two reasons: it provides the ability to use layers and, well, I already had the software. There is no doubt, this process is incredibly tedious. After doing three brickfilms with animated faces, I skipped it altogether in my most recent post… it was just tiring. I’ll use it again in future brickfilms, but I’m definitely reconsidering the amount of dialogue in future videos. Here’s an example with Photoshop:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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