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    I am still using the free windows movie maker, and I am planning to upgrade. I was looking at the Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere, but not sure what the major differences are between the two. Can someone educate me on this.


    William James

    If you need simple editing software without any graphics or hi-fi effects you can go with Sony Vegas as it is very easy to learn and can be handled even by a beginner. Adobe Premiere is a little harder to learn, but has more features than Vega



    Sony Vegas: ease of use, quick learning curve.
    Adobe Premiere: power & professionalism.
    Both are excellent programs for editing. Try both and see what you like.


    James Brandon

    I use Sony Vegas because it’s a much more affordable option while still keeping a professional form factor and broad functionality.


    Dan Lewis

    If you have time and want to become an expert in movie making, then go within Adobe Premiere Pro. Otherwise, if you want to make videos as soon as possible, choose Vegas Pro. Here’s a comprehensive comparison between both of them



    I am not sure about its pros and cons. I have always used Sony Vegas.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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