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    Greetings everyone,
    I am in deep muddy problems. Yesterday I sold my Nikon D3100 + 18-55 VRII lens (The DSLR I did most of my projects/videos with) and upgraded to the D5200 + 18-55 VRII lens. My problem is that I am receiving nasty light flickering with the new camera and lens on 90% of the exposure combinations. That problem was easily fixed with the D3100, and I was never stuck on light flicker problems for more than 20 minutes. Right now I have more or less found the most balanced exposure combination, I am at an ISO of 1250, Shutter speed of 1/15, f-11.0, and white balance under “Daylight”. And that seems to be the most balanced option in which the light flicker is almost gone or just not noticeable to the eye. I’ve also noticed that zooming into the set more or less decreases the flickering as-well.

    What is the best, most balanced exposure setting for the Nikon D5200? I have 2 LED 40W lamps, one is standing at approximately 45 degrees from the set and the other is on the straight other side of the set. I wear dark clothes during filming, closed curtains in a dark room, everything is sturdy on a tripod.

    Another major problem, is that after I change the exposure settings, the first image seems to be 10%-15% more/less bright then the others, and I use Dragon-Frame trial version (testing it) and for real work I use DigiCamControl which does the job perfectly for the frame reviewing. These are my first days of tethered shooting since it’s not available on the D3100 options (again, never had these problems with the D3100, without tethered shooting).

    If there are any other suggestions from DSLR users that will help solve these demonic problems, please feel free to help. I have 3 major brickfilm projects and a web-series that I’ve been spending months of work on and can’t finish. I will be more than really thankful to the one who would give any useful tips.

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