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    hey gang,

    I still can’t seem to complete my current project. So, just to feel like i’m actually producing something, I added in the final 25 seconds to the ending of Really Deep Space and I re-mastered all of the audio. Now, it sounds a LOT better (the computer voice is still tough to understand though…)

    (12Mb, Quicktime 6 required)

    remember… It is an old movie, the animation is choppy because I did it with a still-cam without the benefit of onion skinning.



    can’t wait to see the ending. I always thought it finished…um … without an ending.




    Cool! I always liked this movie.

    Anyway….I downloaded and watched it. I thought it was hilarious 😆 !

    The new ending was especially funny.

    Great Job!

    Keep the good work coming.



    This certainly is an improvement over your original release. The speech is much clearer and I like the music now.

    I like the additional animation of the blob. I especially like when his eyes change color.

    The new ending is better, but it’s still rather unsatisfying as it offers no more resolution than the original cut.

    “It may not be deadly but it is disgusting” is still one of my favorite lines of all time. 🙂



    Well I must say, I don’t know how I missed this one the first time, but thank you for making a redux. This film had very funny parts and I love the Star Trek/Star Wars/2001 Space odyssey Reference. It fit very well with the overall story. And yes the ending was kinda flat and still open ended. For the problem is still on the ship and now we “the audience” want to know what are the lego spacemen’s next move?

    This is a must download for anyone who likes a good space comedy. Nice job Jeff!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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