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    After much deliberation by the judging committee, the ballots are in and the votes have been counted. It was a tough decision for most of us. The winners are:

    1. The Artist by Mirko
    2. On the Way to the Steinrei by Prisac

    The judges made a few comments about some of the films. Writer’s Block had “some cool animations” and “excellent special effects”. Steinrei had “good music”. Viewers liked a perfectly timed joke in Earth Day. What If was “filmed like a real movie” and had funny surprises at the end. Magic Knives had clever dialog and cute characters. Artist was liked for its good story and ability to tell it through facial expressions and without dialog.

    Congratulations to the winners and to all who entered.

    Please see The TTC Webstie to view the films and for more information about the contest.

    Saulgoode will be getting in touch with the winners regarding prizes.



    Will we have the opportunity to see our scores? I think it would be really helpful.


    RP Hoogle

    Well done Mirko. What script will you choose as prize?



    Congrats to the winners!



    I would have said Steineri was the worst film out of the bunch but I have to give it to you for going with what you liked the most.



    I’m surprised that Writer’s Block didn’t place in the top two. 🙁 Oh, well.

    Congratulations to the winners!




    Wow, that is… wow, thanks!

    I too am surprised that Writer’s Block isn’t among the two. But then, judging films is always hard and I suppose it was a close run between many of the entries.

    I’ll choose the “The Empire Strikes back” script.



    Nick Durron

    I am a bit surprised by the results, but I guess I wasn’t judging. Anyway, congratulations, winners!



    I’m a little surprised that Steinrei came in second, not necessarily because I thought that we would have placed, but because I enjoyed some of the other films a little better. Oh well. Good job to the winners. 🙂



    ^ Same here. Congratulations!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)

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