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    “The Janitor” wrote: [quote=”hali”]
    There is a difference between ‘cropping for widescreen’ as an afterthought…

    Who on earth would do that?

    Well since our eyes are set next to eachother, some cameramen (in real life that is) tend to frame their films, when shot in the normal 4:3 aspect ratio, with a lot of head space (they record this but are watching the more widescreen aspect ratio). In editing you could than decide to get rid of all that extra space around your characters by cropping as a afterthought… But I admit that this is never as beautiful as doing it on the set.

    Having said this In real life, I would shoot in widescreen (when appropiate) but I would not crop it already. Cause sometimes a character gets out of frame and you can reframe to keep him in frame, but only when it is recorded. Does this make sense?! Or is my knowledge of english getting in the way? Anyway in animation there is propably no need for reframing?!





    *pops in*

    Actually, they use real widescreen. You get the same height as 4×3, but you get more information on the sides. All though some movies are shot in 4×3 and then cropped (Terminator 2 is an example). And I’m sure Doug is the first person to use tallscreen in a brickfilm, I believe there have been taller aspect ratios before in some other outside works, but I can’t think of any examples right now. There have also been extremely widescreen works (I swear to God, I saw one that must have been 3.5×1).

    *pops out*

    …Eh, I guess I’ll give my thoughts. It was pretty good. The walking animation was a little weird in the opening, and the animation was not as fluid as your other works. I prefer your Brickfest entry over this, but this one does have a bit of a charm. Like Hali, I kind of thought it was a bit of a cop-out at the end, or maybe it was just kinda weird for me. I guess I understand why you did it, I just think you could’ve done more.

    Cometgreen, obviously very tired (even though it’s only 9:45)



    Am I the only one who actually enjoyed the end? I think it was very effective in stressing the meaning of the proverb.

    Also, in my WoW entry I deliberately did NOT use widescreen, and I’ll continue to do so. At least until we’ve got ourselves a tv that’s no longer 4:3, and the current one still seems to work. And Egoless had a square-screen film with Kerouac (though with his use of frames, the validity of this can be questioned).


Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)

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