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    I am planning on starting a stop motion animation club at the school I work at. We have a good selection of lego already in place and a little money to buy some more.

    We have camera’s both good and not so good.

    What we don’t have is software. I need free software (or at least free to start off with). Ideally I am probably looking for more than one piece of software, something for our beginners and something for those who pick up the skills and want to experiment. We already have good sound editing software in school so it is just something to help edit the pictures together and to add any special effects that we can. If possible something with a simple chroma key tool would be perfect.

    Any ideas would be happily accepted and any links to starter tutorials would be amazing.


    There are some suggestions for this on the front page, if you look around there. Also other good points and toturials.
    Do a search on this forum you will find manny posts on this already. 🙂

    Wallice and grommit – Curce of the were rabbit DVD had some nice extras, behind the sets and souch.
    Once you get your group up and going, and made some films. You may go about and ask for sponsorships to invest in equipment.

    Good luck in your endeavors. 🙂


    Screening of some nice brickfilms from our films section would help in enticing the interest of the kids in brickfilms. You may also show some basic steps in making of the films and editing and let the kids play around to get them interested in the production process


    DanielShires, did you ever get the club started? If so would love to see the results! As Morten said, try to gain some sponsorship! It really is helpful with starting up and gives extra attention/cash flow!


    You can easily just Windows Movie Maker to make a simple stop motion film and some basic paint software like Thats how I made my first stop motions. All you gotta do is import all the photos you want to use in your stop motion in numbered order, then when they are put in WMM select all and change the time of each photo to 0.05 or 0.03!

    Or if you want to make it slower you can do 0.10 or something around that time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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