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    Hi there,

    this is my entry both to the Steinerei 2007 where it was chosen “Best Film” by the jury and to the TTC Contest:

    The Artist (Ogg Theora/Vorbis, 10.4 MB)
    The Artist (DivX, 11.2 MB)


    EDIT: Added DivX version



    I loved that film. Even though there were no spoken words it was clear what everyone was saying, and I think it added to it. Bravo!


    Night Owl

    I really liked this film. It’s in the style of the “Words of Wisdom” contest, and has some great sets and really good cinematography. I noticed the use of different lighting hues to suggest different moods. I loved the lighting in the workshop; it had a great feel to it.
    The film doesn’t stick out as much as Go!Le!Go!’s entry, but it’s somehow more concise. I liked both films quite a lot.


    Nick Durron

    This was an interesting film. I liked the story a lot, since it really shows the message you have in the end. The light flickers bothered me, but they weren’t too bad. The set design was also very good, although I think the Art Gallery would have looked better with a baseplate under it.



    Very great film, and very VERY nice sets. I think It’s the best I’ve seen in a while, keep it up.



    This film has great sets, good lighting and nice animation. I found it quite enjoyable. The plot is nicely simple and easy to understand, something which is helped by the fact that there are no actual spoken words. I loved the way the artist’s sculpts looked. Good job on another great film!


    RP Hoogle

    This film is really great. I loved how everything in this film was innocent (if that makes sence). I loved the no dialogue only hums it made the characters seem more alive than some films with dialogue.
    Technically this film is great the sets were sweet and the animation top-notch. Like NightOwl said the lighting in the workshop was lovely and it was a great contrast between the gallery. Nice and warm in the workshop but cold and empty at the gallery.




    Wooh-hoo, that was great. I loved it.



    This is a very beautiful film! 🙂
    No wonder it’s the “FEATURED FILM”!!!



    Wow, that was a very well done film. Animation top notch, great, simple story that was very well executed, the whole thing just had a great feel to it. I’m not going to repeat much of what other people already said, but I’ve gotta say, I love the way you made the art gallery look. The peices in there look totally like the kind of cold “modern” art being made nowadays, very lovely. Especially in contrast to the warm type of old school art in the guys home. Gotta love that lego mona lisa he’s got!

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