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    Steinerei is a German Brickfilm Festival taking place yearly in a cinema somewhere in Germany since 2005.
    The Festival 2012 will be in Hamburg on 05/26/2012 – the deadline for entries is 04/23/2012.

    To enter the contest your brickfilm must meet some criterias …

    • Most important first: Because yearly Steinerei should also be a meeting point for brickfilmers and friends, participants not coming from Germany, Austria or Swiss have to come to Hamburg on festival day.
      Sorry, folks, that’s not possible for everyone here, but perhaps there are some brickfilmers from Denmark, Netherland or Poland who wants to come and join this live event.
    • The film must fit to the yearly changing topic. The topic for Steinerei 2012 is: ILLUSION.
    • The film must not exceed 06:30 min.
    • No use of copyright-protected material (e.g. music).
    • Films have to be either in German or English language – otherwise they must have German or English subtitles.
    • You must send your film on DVD.

    This year in Kaiserslautern we had over 400 visitors (included about 30 brickfilmers from Germany and Austria).
    Next year in Hamburg we will have a cinema with about 370 seats.

    Every year three prizes will be awarded:
    Jury Award (jury will give live comments on films),
    Public Award (visitors voting) and
    Brickfilmer Award (voting among the contestants).

    More detailed informations are only in German so far …
    Rules Steinerei 2012

    If you have some questions about contest or rules, please let me know.

    – Dirk

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