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    Actually, bumping is permitted in the P & R forum, although in carlos’ case, it could go either way.



    If you do bump a P&R thread, you probably should include some useful feedback about the film. And while for Carlos that was a surprisingly long commentary, I am thinking more along the lines of

    • This was an extremely enjoyable film with an engaging plot and some very creative animating techniques. The animation wasn’t impeccable, but it certainly more than adequate for the purposes of the film. The personality development of the characters was excellent, as was the voice acting. The girl(s) who did the voices for Queen Jane and Savannah had me in stitches (I did not catch their names in the credits, though). The sound quality throughout was production quality and the climactic ending of the film did a fine job of employing the art of brickfilming in a very unique way.

      I do hope that the directors have not retired from brickfilming and that they will someday return to Brickfilms with a new offering.

    or some such.



    that film makes me laugh :laughcry:



    Carlos, you bumped up this topic to say:

    “carlos” wrote: I like your films they are very cool 😎

    It would be okay, but then you bump it up again to say:

    “carlos” wrote: that film makes me laugh :laughcry:

    You’re hopeless…

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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