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    David West

    At long last, the results for THAC4 have been tallied and the winners have been decided. So, without further ado:

    In third place, with a combined total score of 141, and besting the next runner up by a single point, is…

    Nick Durron!

    Nicks film Abduction 2 placed 2nd in Animation with 58 points, 4th in Cinematography with 45 points, 5th in Sound Design with 32 points, and was in a 3 way tie for 13th in the Story category with 6 points.[/spoiler]

    In second place, with a combined total score of 169, is…


    Mindgame’s film, The Season of Giving, won the Animation Category with 67 points. It placed 5th in the Cinematography department with 29 points, 3rd in Sound Design with 38 points, and 2nd in Story with 35 points.

    Finally, in first place, with a whopping 208 points, is…


    Lord_Of_The_Lego’s film, Unsound, placed 3rd in the Animation department with 56 points, 3rd in Cinematography with an even 50 points, dominated Sound Design with 78 points, and tied for 4th in the Story category with 24 points.
    Honorable mentions include:

    [spoiler]Night Owl, who placed just 1 point below 3rd place with 140 points.

    Ladon, who placed 5th with 129 points and easily won the Cinematography category with 74 points.

    And Nathan, who took 6th with 128 points (just one below Ladon) and who won the Story category with 65 points – 30 more than than the next runner up.[/spoiler]

    So there you have it, folks. THAC4 has officially come to a close. If you have Microsoft Works, here is a file that contains the full break down of the scores for all the films. I’m trying to get up an Excel version but it keeps getting an error uploading.

    THAC4 Scores Breakdown:

    For people without Microsoft Works, here’s a simple word file that contains the films and their combine scores. I’ll work on getting up a more complete breakdown for you guys soon. Until then, feel free to PM me if you want to know what exactly your film scored.



    finally 😀

    good job David 😀

    congratulation to everywhone :party:

    to bad LOTL is first , i didn’t like his entry accuelly

    animation was great and all but i didn’t like the story
    the story’s who got me captured where CA and Nick Durrons’
    and zombie Peril to

    CA should have been one of the first people

    So Congratulation to all people who where first



    Woohoo, results finally posted!

    Congrats to all the winners. :party:



    YAY. Congrats LOTL, MG, and Nick Durron!


    Sparks Flying

    Congratulations to all the winners, good job! :party:



    Here’s what my ballot looked like, for those interested.

    5. MindGame- best animation
    4. Nick Durron
    3. Night Owl
    2. Lord_Of_The_LEGO
    1. Quigibo

    5. Ladon- best cinematography
    4. Night Owl
    3. Lord_Of_The_LEGO
    2. MindGame
    1. Nick Durron

    Sound Design:
    5. Lord_Of_The_LEGO- best sound design
    4. Nathan
    3. Nick Durron
    2. Schlockading
    1. Night Owl

    5. Nathan- best story
    4. Lord_Of_The_LEGO
    3. Quigibo
    2. Schlockading
    1. Shale/Twobit/Captain Bulldog



    how the hell can i get 7 Points?



    Oh wow! Spending three hours on the sound design really paid off!

    THAC4 was a blast, easily my favorite THAC. Thank you very much David for organizing this wonderful contest, and thanks to everyone who participated and voted.

    W00tbeer all around, I’m buying!


    Stevie Collins

    Exellent, I’m quite happy with these results. Congratulations guys.



    Night Owl

    Awesome, congrats to the winners.

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